Andrew Woojeong Byun

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KAIST. Integrated Master's & Ph.D. Program in Physics. (2018~)
Hanyang Univ. B.S. in Physics, Double major in Computer Science and Engineering. (2018)

Reserch Experiences

Integrated Master's & Ph.D. Program Program: Ultrafast Quantum Optics Lab, KAIST. (2018~)

  • Quantum Coherence Control
  • Rydberg atom experiment: Coherent/Dissipation dynamics

Undergraduate Research Program: Elementary Particle Physics group, Hanyang Univ. (2017)

  • Searching for Rare Decay of Top Quark Using Deep Learning


General Physics I (PH141), Teaching Assistance, Basic recitation class (2018 spring)
General Physics II (PH142), Teaching Assistance (2018 fall)
Physics Lab. I (PH251), Teaching Assistance, Lab TA (2019 spring)


  • Not yet. But soon?


Optical frequency comb (1 year), Numerical simulation of Rydberg dynamics
Programming: C(Knowledgeable), C++(Knowledgeable), Python(Basic understanding), Matlab(Knowledgeable), Labview(Basic understanding), Mathematica(Basic understanding)
Language: Korean(Native), English(Intermediate)